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DRAFT Proposed TGIF Rules for review.
« on: November 16, 2019, 09:31:31 am »
Here are the proposed TGIF Rules for your review and comment.

Please provide your feed back to this post ONLY!

1.) In the TGIF Network all Part 97 of the FCC Rules apply. If the talkgroup you are in is transmitting out of repeaters or hotspots and
is not an internet only type room you will need a registered ham license and must identify and follow all part 97 rules. You do not need a license
to get on TGIF and Listen.

2.) In your hotspot configuration you must use your assigned Call Sign and DMR ID. This is the DMR ID that you use for your hotspot, the IDs in your
radios do not apply to this rule. It is allowed to append 2 digits to the end of your ID.
3.) When you are registered and granted a Talk group, the person who submitted the request will be granted admin privileges for the talkgroup. The admin
may choose to also allow other users access if they so choose.
3.a) The Moderator for their specific Talk Group can create rules and enforce them using the above mentioned privileges. Any rule decided upon may not
conflict or attempt to modify any of these core network rules. Every talkgroup on the network is expected to respect and comply with these network wide
rules, in addition to any rules that have been created for the talkgroup they may be in. TGIF Network rules always apply, anywhere on the network.
4.) Any interference whether intention or un-intentional will have access limited from the TGIF Networked. This includes bridges, they will be access
limited unless the interferring user is sending meta data through the bridge that we have access to and can use.  If we  can see their callsign or dmr ID
we will attempt to access limit the individual user instead of the bridge. We will be improving this system, and in the end it is up to the admin for that
talkgroup to decide how we handle it, unless it is affecting other talkgroups on the network.

As new features come out these Rules are subject to change.

5.)  If you are caught attempting to bypass any access limitations that may have been placed on you, there may be added consequences or could end with a permanant ban.

6.) Any talkgroup's local rules must be clearly outlined and documented on the wiki page and be easily accessible.  A rule may not be enforced until at least 24 hours after being added to the TGIF wiki page for that talkgroup.

73 de TGIF Admins...
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Re: DRAFT Proposed TGIF Rules for review.
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2019, 02:04:28 pm »
General comments:

Overall, everything looks good.  A fine job of codifying what most of us would agree to be in the spirit of TGIF.  Although the spelling/grammar stickler in me might want a few minor corrections before it becomes "official" (Examples: "Any interference whether intentional," "This includes bridges: They...").

Discussion regarding rule #3:

We may want to consider wording to handle situations where someone requests a talkgroup but later abandons/has no interest in administrating/moderating it.  What happens? Should there be a procedure where someone can request/petition for those roles?

Also, might we want to add the requirement that the WIKI page for each talkgroup specifically state the current administrator/moderator for that talkgroup along with the requirements of rule #6?

Thanks for reading!

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Re: DRAFT Proposed TGIF Rules for review.
« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2020, 12:33:27 pm »
Last I knew bridging from one system to TGIF was not allowed
or say I have an allstar to dmr bridge I could not connect it in here to TGIF
has this since been changed so now we can bridge or link in other systems?


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