Author Topic: 777 hose and TG subscriptions  (Read 222 times)

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777 hose and TG subscriptions
« on: May 10, 2020, 11:39:17 am »
Hi all, I am still trying to configure TGIF to coexist with DMRGateway on my duplex hotspot, but I am having another issue...

It looks like TGIF works quite differently than other networks when it comes to talkgroup subscriptions...

So, I keyed up on 777 and floodgates opened. Without me doing anything my hotspot would show a different TG in TS1 every time the 777 scanner found an active one. I wouldn't think this possible without me keying up on that particular TG (I didn't have most of them programmed anyway), but it did. I tried shutting it off dialing 4000, to no avail. The firehose kept coming, switching my hotspot at will without me doing anything. It eventually died...

Then, I keyed up on a TG to listen and then switched to another TG but the first one was still broadcasting from my hotspot. Me keyeing up on the second TG made no difference. Once there was activity on the first one my hotspot would show it in the timeslot... 4000 seems to do nothing and as soon as there's activity on the previous TG my hotspot would show it as connected again

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Re: 777 hose and TG subscriptions
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2020, 07:50:22 am »

I know it takes some head scratching to understand wha it happening

So back to basics might clear it up

777 really is not a scan
It just tells the server to send to your hotspot
All traffic on all talk groups on a single channel

With parmiscous on your radio passes all traffic it hears reguarless of tg

With parmiscous off your radio will filter all tg that does not match what is set up on the channel
Ie 777
The receive group widens this to a list of tg

So really itís not scanning just filtering per the channel and receive group

Hope that helps


Quote from: nj3h on January 25, 2019, 11:23:30 pm


    Tonight I must have had Scan on (promiscuous off) when I turned on mt md380. I was hearing another TGiF channel than the one I was on.

    Two questions :
    1. Does turning and restarting the radio cancel the scan? I realize it isn't a scan per se.



    2. If scan is invoked, how does the user disable it once started?


key up on a different  talk group

use self care page
enter a talk group
click update

use a Switch link, see HS ID /1/4000
(replace HS ID with your hotspots #)

just like selfcare you must be on same local network as the hotspot
copy paste to your browser

replacing xxxxxxxxx with your hotspots DMR ID

it should then show "200" if successful

It's also worth noting that the "1" you see before the talk group stands for time slot 2, which most hotspots use only that time slot.  If you do have a hotspot that will do dual time slots then for time slot 1, that would need to be a "0" (zero) in the URL above.