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BlueDV Configuration for TGIF

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Thank you. It work on my windows :D laptop and android phone de DU!ZC

I'd like to add a step 11 to Jason's instructions at the top. On the AMBE tab you need to manually enter the TG such as 31665. I took me awhile to figure this out.
Is anyone aware  of a TGIF TG Host file that can be imported into the Documents/BlueDV folder so the drop down menu on the AMBE Tab would so the TGIF TG's
instead of having to enter them manually. I have to keep a list handy of the TG's which is a pain. Also, if you're using a recent version of BlueDV, such as 9585 or higher,
you don't need to edit the HBLink.txt file. On setup in the DMR+Master drop down menu if TGIF is already at the bottom you're all set. Stu WI3J

Frustration level here is high. Here's my HBLink.txt:

#By David PA7LIM -
#Rename this file to HBLink.txt
#Select DMRPLUS in BlueDV setup and choose your HBLink master.
#Logicalname, ipaddress, password, port
HBlink1,, passw0rd, 62031
HBlink2,, passw11rd, 55555
HBlink3,, passw11rd, 55555
TGIF,, passw0rd, 62031

And here is the setup screen:

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When I open BlueDV and click on serial and dmr, the BM server shows but not TGIF.  Any help on what I did wrong?


So, every time I write something down and look at it after I posted it, I find the answer to my problem!  I forgot to change DMR type to DMRPLUS!

So, now everything works as it should.

 Thanks for looking.


I need some assistance for trying to get my new  ANYSECU radio (Android) to connect to TGIF.    I downloaded Blue DV and BlueDV ambe and cannot seem to get it to connect.   Anyone have a step by step procedure with instructions?    I got the unit to work on zello, team speak and echoling with no issue.     Need some guidance here 

Thank You,

Steve  K2SGT


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