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BlueDV Configuration for TGIF

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BlueDV Software Installation for TGIF

This document will help you edit the file for BlueDV for Windows so you can get online with the TGIF Network.

1.   Download and Install BlueDV. (
2.   Make sure BlueDV is closed.
3.   Navigate to .\Documents\BlueDV
4.   Open the HBLink.txt.EXAMPLE in Notepad or Wordpad.
5.   Add this line:
TGIF,, passw0rd, 62031    (16 digit password needed for secure talk groups)
6.   Click File > Save and save it as HBlink.txt
7.   Open BlueDV App.
8.   Click on Menu > Setup
9.   In the middle of the screen in DMR+ you should see a dropdown box.  Goto the bottom and select TGIF and hit Save.
10.   Reconnect by sliding the Serial and DMR sliders back to ON and you should be ready to talk.

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11.   See below for examples:

Ensure your .\Documents\BlueDV\HBlink.txt file looks like this:
(do not copy the ---top--- or ---end--- they are just separators so you know what to copy/paste)

#By David PA7LIM -
#Rename this file to HBLink.txt
#Select DMRPLUS in BlueDV setup and choose your HBLink master.
#Logicalname, ipaddress, password, port
TGIF,, passw0rd, 62031

Make sure the BlueDV Server TGIF is selected in the DMR+ Section.

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Notes to remember: 
The .\Documents\BlueDV\HBLink.txt.EXAMPLE has to be renamed to HBLink.txt for TGIF to show up under DMR+ - should be at the bottom of the list.  Make sure you save the file with the correct name, else TGIF will not show up in the Dropdown list under DMR+.

KC1LPT DMR 3144706:
Is that the real password?

Even though I'm on the default 31665 but my radio says 9. "lastheard" says misconfigured radio.

Worked perfect ;D with the BlueDV Windows and the ThumbDv.
Thank You, N2GYN John

Configuration for BlueDV on Android;
Set IPSC2 to Manual.
IPSC2 host is
IPSC2 password is passw0rd
IPSC2 port is 62031
Start Reflector is 31665
Start TG is "Your choice"
On the main screen, upper left, select DM+, and your TG.

   This has not worked for me yet ..  So darned frustrated  over it .. more than several attempts at this .. JUST please up grade the darned Blue DV program with the changes already in place  .


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