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BM and TGIF on Same HotSpot


I asked this on Reddit but haven't received a response yet.  Thought I would try here as well.

Using a Pi-Star hotspot.  I have TGIF running on TS1 and BM running TS2. Works except where channels overlap. This has become more of an issue than I first realized.

Now I am going back and reprogramming everything for rewrite mode. But I see a shortcoming of that and need some advice. I'm programming all the TGIF TG's adding 4000 to make 7 digits. I understand all that part.

What I'm having an issue with; for instance is 3162356 - DoDropIn or 3117501 - Late Night. These are already 7 digits and cannot be prefaced by a 4. Is there a command I can place in the rewrite area that will allow these to work?

Thanks and 73's

Mike - W5SSN

I wish I could help you.  I notice that there aren't many replies to some very good questions on this forum.  It would be appreciated if Robert or other experts could check in from time to time.


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