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I can see activity but cannot hear anything


Hello all,
I am trying to get my pi-star to work right. I have the radio (MD380) frequency matching the hot spot which is 430000000. I can see activity on TS2 but I do not hear anything. Also when I tx I do not see it on my dashboard. From what I can see I think everything should be working.  Can anybody give me any clues as to what I might be doing wrong. I am new to DMR but I had this hotspot working before on Brandmeister. Any insights are greatly appreciated. thanks Steve KN6JEK

I have the same issue. I have reflashed my SD card and also have tried a new SD card with the original image. Basically, it acts as if it goes to sleep. I can key the PTT and will get audio, then after a few minutes, nothing.


Finally figured out the issue with Anytone 868, this may work with others. On the radio: Settings, Digi Mon, Digimon Switch = Double Slot, DigiMon Cc = Any, DigiMon Id = Any, and DigiMon Hold = Off

This is working very well for me.



I tried this on my Btech 6x2 and while I can hear myself on "Parrot" I don't hear the radio when listening to a talk group.

Ok, I set my talkgroup on the TGIF Network Selfcare to TG=777, when I do this I CAN hear stuff on my Radio.

The only OTHER TG I can hear anything is PARROT but what comes back is  broken up (like with skips in the transmission).

I'm starting to wonder if the Hotspot or my radio is hosed. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?


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