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i have still the same problem. I will get connected from my pi-star but it is only one way. People hear me and i am seen on dashboard but nothings come back to my pi-star and radio. I have googled and asked and it feels like it is only me.... I have same issue on 3 different pi-star hotposts i tried on. Pi3, Pi3+ and a new Pi4. I have tried to open the tgif port in firewall on pi-star but nothing. Some one give me a clue!

Once on TGIF_Network I am unable to return to BrandMeister servers using Pi-Star ZumSpot Hat.

My HotSpot basically plays dead and the only way to get back to normal is to use the restore configuration method.

 Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

I have followed the steps to get my hotspot to connect to the TGIF_NETWORK, but I still cannot make any contact, nothing heard, and I do not see my call sign on the last heard section of the web page.
The confusing part is I have made no obvious changes to any of my equipment and everything worked flawlessly just 6 weeks ago.
So had there been a change I cannot find or am unaware of?
My hotspot and radios all work perfect on Brandmeister.
So my issue has me baffled.
Any help is appreciated.
My hotspot is a Pi 3B, running 4.1.0 software

I'd suggest the following:

First, make a cloned copy of your card as it is right now, just in case my next suggestion does more harm than good.

Then, bring your hotspot completely up to date by doing pi-star updates and upgrades.  You're at 4.1.0 and the latest release is (as of this writing) 4.1.4/Dashboard 20210220.

Many things have been added and changed since 4.1.0.  6 weeks is AGES in "Pi-Star years."

If none of that helps, my last suggestion would be to contact an admin to make sure that your IP address hasn't been accidentally locked out.  We had problems with stations causing interference over the past few months and it's possible (although highly unlikely) that your IP was part of a range that needed to be locked out to block that interference.



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