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Pi-Star Configuration for TGIF

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Not sure if info is here, yet
Before pi-star added the TGIF to master server list
We were adding it manually

Iíll look and link instructions when I can

to manually add tgif the old way

SSH into rasberry pi

user pi-star
password raspberry

enter these commands
sudo su
cd ..
cd ..
(should see a 'root' directory)

cd root
(should see 'DMR_Hosts.txt' file)

sudo nano DMR_Hosts.txt

(add this line at the bottom)
TGIF_Network2   9   passw0rd   62031
note- those are not spaces, but a single tab

(ctl) O to save
(ctl) X to exit

then do a update

then select the new server at the bottom of the server list

also posted here

my issue has been solved. thanks folks

Really dumb question, but since I'm on day 5 of my DMR goes:

What purpose is it to follow the above steps? Currently, I have my hotspot connected to the BM3102. Why would I want to connect the the TGIF Network instead?

Thanks in advance...

above is the way we use to manually add a server not on pi-star server list.

"Why would I want to connect the the TGIF Network instead?"
better question... why would you settle for or limit yourself to one server?

I have:
DMR marc (cbridge)
several private servers

It just happens that TGIF does have its own flavor and features not on all others:
Server built from the ground up by Ty, KG5RKI, Michael K5MRE, Jason KD5TJG, Andy G7LRR
No ADMIN games! ( Robert, K4WZV, Admin ) ( Mitch, EA7KDO, Admin )
777 scan all TG
no need to 4000 disconnect, just move on to a TG
A growing list of Talk groups designed by users, for users
Bridging aloud on your TG (except BM, per their request)

A selfcare page
Last heard and active talkers pages
audio streaming a few and growing TGs that actually works!
Wiki for the Talk Groups
A Forum
A Face Book Group
Hot Spot & Nextion screen development & support, no matter where you got them (on all above sources TG 31665 or 1000)
The TGIF net is held on talkgroup 3 1 6 6 5 every Friday at 8:30 pm eastern standard time

All this and more in a few months!
more  to come


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