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Pi-Star is now very easy to get on the TGIF Network since Robert (K4WVZ) worked with Andy (MW0MWZ) to get TGIF Added to the Main list of servers.
To get onto the TGIF Network on Pi-Star:

1. Logon to your Dashboard
2. Goto Configuration
3. Go down to "DMR Configuration"
4. Drop the "DMR Master" box down and look for TGIF_Network towards the top.
5. Select TGIF_Network and click Apply Changes.
6. After it reloads the config, it should connect to the TGIF Network.

Below is a screenshot of what your DMR Configuration should look like:

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forgive me if this is a stupid question but how then does one move between TGs?

Just key up on the talk group you want

no need to disconnect (ie 4000)

you can only be on one at a time

unless you go to TG 777 and you hear them all


--- Quote from: KM6THY on January 15, 2019, 03:04:15 pm ---I can not get my dashboard for nothing.ugh. I tried a Dell laptop and a apple pro

--- End quote ---

You need to be on the same network as the hotspot is connected to
Open a browser and if you know the IP address enter that
If you donít know then try pi-star.local


This is Belayet Robin - VK2VRB
New to TGIF network.
Using Pi-Star with Zumspot
I have noticed an issue with Pi-Star when selecting TGIF_Network from drop down list.
It appears to be Pi-Star DMR Configuration lost its settings when i select TGIF network for the first time.

Only solution I have found to reset the Pi-Star on its factory default and re configure as new.
I know another person having the same issue.



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