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Power outage. Hotspot does not work


We had a power outage. So my hotspot was not shut down properly. Now I turn it on and the screen comes up but. The HT and hotspot do not connect to each other. I hear nothing.             

Hey there KM6THY,

I think you might have a corrupted sdcard.  This is a common issue when power is cut abruptly and also why having an up-to-date backup of your sdcard is highly recommended.

If you have a linux computer it'll be simple to fix.  Put the sdcard in a sdcard usb adaptor or memory card reader and run fsck on the drive.
From a linux terminal you would type:

fsck /dev/sd**

If you don't have a linux machine you could do it on the Pi or on a virtual machine in windows.  Let us know a little more info please, have you access to the system or does your screen give any info?

Best of luck,



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