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What are the steps in rebooting? Is it more than turning it on and off? Do I pull the sd card and reinsert? Thank you for help I don't want to booger anything up

The preferred method is to
-look at dashboard
-go to admin
-log in
-click reboot or power down picture

but I just remove power cord
-wait a few seconds
-power back up

some use a nexion screen to power down or reboot

Thank you we are learning more everyday from this forum. I am up and running.

I turn mine on and off all the time... If it ever goes sideways, all you need to do is burn/write a new SD Image of PiStar.  Meanwhile, it would be a good idea to make a backup from your pi-star to your local computer and save the config so in the event you do have to reload, its just a new image and upload the config and done...  Not that it takes very long to put the info in, uploading the config file is much quicker.
There are some commands you can setup (private calls, I believe) and it will shutdown/reboot the pi-star, but alas - I forget those TG's. 
I will try to find them in the next week and post.


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