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TG set to 777 I can hear the radio. Anything else nothing.


When I am in the TGIF Network in "Selfcare" and I set the TG to 777 I can hear the hotspot contacts on my radio. If I set the TG in selfcare to anything else I get nothing. Occasionally there might be a blip of something, but mostly nothing. The hot spot is set up by the folks at TGIF to my frequency, call sign, etc. I have DStar and DMR enabled on the hotspot. I have the D-star set to TGIF network with a freshly generated password.

The radio is set up with 4 TG's right now. World Wide/Connecticut/Parrot/TGIF. All are CC-01 / TS-02, Low power on HT.

I also noticed that when I set my HT to Parrot the return message has gaps in it.

Anyone have any idea what is going on? I don't know enough about these hot spot things to even ask the right questions. All I can say is what is going on and answer specific questions about the configuration of things.

I'm new to DMR, so forgive me if this is too basic. Also might be totally wrong. lol.

You have to have the talkgroups assigned to a channel and the channel assigned to a zone on your radio for it to hear the activity. Otherwise your hotspot will be transmitting digital noise but your radio won't think it's supposed to be listening in to that, and you won't hear anything.



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