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Won't boot or connect


My small hotspot will not boot up but maybe after 20 power cycles or 90 minutes of waiting.... Not happy
I tried another SD card with same results.
Green light on, Red is flashing and thats it.
I have used this device maybe 3 or 4 times in mobile powered by a battery bank.

Any ideas......?

Not getting responses on any posting!

Should not take 20 power cycles or 90 minutes of waiting!

another SD card would have been my next guess.
did you format it and burn a NEW pi-star image to it?

were you able to access dash board right away?
might indicate a bad hat if it does

do you have a lot of wifi devices set up to connect to?
takes longer to go thru several to connect to a available wifi

bad pi is a possibility if its truly a "boot issue" and next cheap step to replace


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