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Title: BM TG 31515
Post by: WZ4K on January 06, 2022, 05:53:22 pm
First, I registered and made a request IAW TGIF procedure.

Good Evening. I see 31516, VA Peninsula listed as an active TG but not 31515.
31516 is a more local TG, VA Peninsula which does not see much activity.
31515 is an active TG, Tidewater VA. We hold a net on 31515, Thursday, 2100 Eastern Time

Are TGIF TGs linked to BM TGs of the same name/# (Example, 3151, VA Statewide) or are they independent and only on TGIF?

If linked to BM, I recommend either removing 31516 and adding 31515, or, simply add 31515 to the TGIF Network.
Your consideration is appreciated, thank you.

Howard, WZ4K

Howard Waxman, WZ4K
SKYWARN Amateur Radio Coordinator
Eastern Virginia WFO Wakefield, VA
Title: Re: BM TG 31515
Post by: N4VKF on January 16, 2022, 08:36:12 am
These TG are not linked to BM.