Author Topic: New stock versions of MMDVMHost with DMRGateway has bugs  (Read 313 times)

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New stock versions of MMDVMHost with DMRGateway has bugs
« on: July 04, 2021, 12:32:06 pm »
With the upgrade to Pi-Star 4.1.5 Andy included new versions of MMDVMHost and DMRGateway. I was getting sporadic premature apparent EOT frames with TGIF, and RF queue overflows on TGIF and DMR Plus. I reverted to Pi-Star 4.1.4 from February and everything was back to normal. I had this happen with multiple hotspots, DVMega and HS-Hat boards and I had reflashed the firmware to rule that out. I then compiled the latest source of MMDVMHost and DMRGateway and got the same errors. I then compiled versions from December and though better, I eventually got an RF queue overflow with DMR Plus after 24 hours. So I looked at what versions Andy was using with the February Pi-Star 4.1.4.

pi-star@pi-star(rw):cron.daily$ MMDVMHost --version
MMDVMHost version 20200615_Pi-Star_v4 git #3313fe8
pi-star@pi-star(rw):cron.daily$ DMRGateway --version
DMRGateway version 20200615_Pi-Star_v4 git #8e75b24

If you use those versions from Jonathan's Github the dates are a little different.

pi-star@pi-star(rw):MMDVMHost$ MMDVMHost --version
MMDVMHost version 20200608 git #3313fe8
pi-star@pi-star(rw):MMDVMHost$ DMRGateway --version
DMRGateway version 20200421 git #8e75b24

Pi-Star 4.1.5 with new MMDVMHost and DMRGateway code should have been a beta. I don't consider them usable together at present. Andy is on Jonathan's Github active in the issues section of MMDVMHost, so he's trying to work with the contributors there. But other than a similar issue with D-Star it didn't seem anyone had reported on the DMR issues. So if you experience the above issues and like the stock DMRGateway with all networks active, you can manually compile the older versions above and copy them to /usr/local/bin. To stop the nightly update from changing the version I commented out the following two git statements in /usr/local/sbin/pistar-daily.cron.

# Update the Binaries
# git --work-tree=/usr/local/bin --git-dir=/usr/local/bin/.git pull origin master

# Update the Binaries (sbin)
# git --work-tree=/usr/local/sbin --git-dir=/usr/local/sbin/.git pull origin master

Or just fallback to Pi-Star 4.1.4. From a perusing the comments on the MMDVMHost issues section, it might be a while before the new version gets fixed.

Jason - WY7JT

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