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Using DMR Gateway Phase II with Duplex Hotspot
« on: February 04, 2019, 10:09:51 am »
For a period of time before Phase II and while still on Pi-Star v3 I had my duplex hotspots configured to use Brandmeister on one timeslot and TGIF on the other timeslot at the same time.  Sometime along the way it stopped working.  I did too many things at once, upgrading to Phase-II and then to Pi-Star v4 beta.  Phil, VE3RD has been helping me and I have learned a lot from him, especially how TG Rewrite rules work.  I tried several fresh Pi-Star 4 installations from scratch.  I even tried a v3 from scratch.  Each time I could only partially achieve what I wanted.  Usually Brandmeister would work.  In TGIF the best I ever got was one way audio.  Pi-Star 4 seems to have some problems trashing the Nextion Driver setting and does not deal well with the config settings of the DMR Gateway.  I don't get the same results in the DMR Gateway config settings in Pi-Star 3 that I get in Pi-Star 4.  Pi-Star 4 does not allow me to set a BM or DMR+ Master.  It keeps reverting to the first one in the pull-down.

I should mention I am not interested in automatic network switching.  I want to control that based on which talkgroup I use because of the duplex hotspot.  I wonder if the Phase-II gateway was not meant to do what I want or that TGIF doesn't like the result.

All of my stuff works fine when not using DMR Gateway and BM works fine with two timeslots on BM.

Does anyone have a working configuration you can share with me for Pi-Star 4 beta that works for simultaneous  use of BM and TGIF on a duplex hotspot with DMR Gateway?  Any insight would be appreciated.  Thanks.  -Rick W1RHS

Update:  I just had a dialogue with Andy Taylor because my Pi-Star update was having an error.  It seems the Nextion Driver modifies a service handler.  When the update is attempted it recognizes you have a custom service handler and won't overwrite it with Andy's update.  So some of my problems may be related to me having a Nextion screen and Phil does not.  There's too many moving parts for me and I am sure I am my own worst enemy.
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