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Got a new Anytone D878UV PLUS .
Had trouble getting the Parrot call to work .  Found out the main problem was that I had Call Confirmation selected in the channel settings .

Another weird thing I found out is that the channel setting for DMR Mode for the private TG 9990 ( Parrot ) changed in the radio from the setting in the code plug of Simplex after writing the data to the radio .  I tried many times and verified it by creating another private TG on a different channel and both of them changed after writing to the radio .  They don't change in the code plug, of course, but after writing, when I look in the settings on the radio, it was changed .

Now for the weird part . I downloaded a CP from this site that Robert K4WZV made .  When I load that CP to the radio, the DMR Mode changes from Simplex to Double Slot .   When I load my CP to the radio, it changes from Simplex to Repeater .  I tried several times, loading each CP over and over and the same results occurred .

The parrot call will work with the DMR Mode set as Simplex or Repeater, but not Double Slot .

( Note : I found that the DMR Mode for EVERY channel was changed - not just the private TG calls )

Now for the next double ballistic weird thing .
When I make the parrot call using Robert's CP - I get the usual pop up message about the private call and then I have to delete it out of the list .
When I make the parrot call using my CP, I DON'T GET THE POPUP !  On other radios that I have used, I always got the popup after a parrot call .

Does anyone know how to enable / disable that popup window ?

Another anomaly is that I get the alert tones in this fashion :

key up when busy
idle channel tone
call tone

key up
call tone
call reset tone

station receive - after complete
idle channel tone
a few seconds after idle channel get
call reset tone

Seems to have the call reset and the idle channel sounding at the wrong times .

I submitted a bug report to BridgeCom support about the DMR Type being changed .
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