Author Topic: Switch DMR Master via Anytone Keypad?  (Read 163 times)

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Switch DMR Master via Anytone Keypad?
« on: June 22, 2019, 04:34:05 pm »
I have a Jumbospot/Pi-star that I use in my shack and an Openspot2 that I use when mobile.

I am seeking a configuration for each that allows me to switch (preferably via keypad on my Anytone 878) among TGIF, DMR+ (New England Digital Emergency Communications Network - NEDECN),  and Brandmeister networks.

I think this can be triggered on the 878 to the OpenSpot2 via use of “Profiles” but am not sure on the correct configuration values.
I suspect there must be a similar capability to switch via 878 keypad on Pi-star Jumbospot but, again, am not yet familiar with the necessary configuration values.

Bob, N4WZV, suggested I might find help in this forum.  I have searched but didn't find results that addressed this specific need.

I expect that I am not alone in wishing to achieve this capability.

Can anyone point me to a link (or post that I might have missed) that describes the configuration and the sequence of steps to do this?

If not, is this a topic that might be useful to others with a similar need identifying the necessary configuration and steps using the keypad to achieve this capability?

At present I have the Jumbospot configured to switch between Brandmeister and TGIF but it requires using a browser to use the "Configuration" Pi-star menu pick to flip the DMR Master in the DMR Configuration section.

On the Openspot2, I have TGIF, DMR+, and Brandmeister Profiles defined.  However, I am a bit confused as to whether I need to do a Private Call to TG4000 Unlink (via the Anytone keypad) before doing the Private Call to 9001 (DMR+), 9002 (BM), or 9003 (TGIF) to switch to the appropriate Profile.

Any and all help appreciated!



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