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Re: HYTERA MD-782 + ZUMSpot + TGIF ... questions
« on: August 12, 2019, 02:31:36 am »
I use an OpenSpot V1 (OS1) for DMR-BM on freq A, a ZUMSpot(ZS2) for DMR-TGIF on Freq 2 and another ZUMspot(ZS1) on frequency 3 for D-Star. I am struggling with the radio setup on ZS2.

Question 1 - Is it important what "TS" I set the "Hytera MD782" (commercial version) for use on TGIF? I presently have it on TS1 and CC1 (CC as the ZS2).

Normally TS2 on hotspots
but I think they have TGIF where it will work on TS1 or TS2 as long as thats what your hotspot/OS is set to use


Issue (1) - TG 777 - I set TS2 to 777 on the SelfCare screen and I can see the activity on the ZS2 screen. However, nothing is received on the HYTERA radio. Is it possible that the HYTERA MD-782 cannot be placed in "Promiscuous Mode"? I did try to set the MD782 to TS2 with the same result.

you will have to use promiscuous mode or "group call match" off or a/some receive group, else the radio will ignore what it hears

Issue (2) - Assuming that the MD782 doesn't support Promiscuous mode, I set it to another TG (310) in SelfCare and still don't hear anything (maybe there wasn't activity ... and still nothing)

some radios require a receive group set to a channel to hear the TG within it, else its def

Note that my OS1 and ZS1 systems are running just fine and per what I am seeing on the screen, the ZS2 is also running fine.

Can someone share with me just ONE channel (etc.) code plug setting so I can make sure that I am not missing something in my MD782 code plug

I don't have a hytera or the related CPS to create the plug.
if you provide a link to the cps, when I get some (limited) time i'll see what i can knock up


Channels - TX/RX Freq (Freq 2) same as ZS2.
I assume I can scan BM and TGIF by simply scanning two different channels. One works with OS1 (freq 1) while the other would be with ZS2 (freq 2).

Contacts - Added the TGIF contacts. For example: Name: "TGIF-110", "Group Call" and Call ID: "110"

Scan List - Added the "TGIF-110" to the same scan list

CC - Color Code 1 (same as in ZS2)

TS - Time Slot 1

RX Group List - Added the "TGIF-110" to the RX Group List

Zone - Added "TGIF-110" to the "Zone Members"

If someone can correct what I am doing wrong for just one TG then I can handle the others. I compared my TGIF TGs to what I configured for the OS1-BM as I got that one right. I must be missing something VERY basic (sigh).

sounds right
I scan 3 hot spots here 1 TGIF, 2 BM, 3 private server
main thing is they are separate frequencies so they don't bridge


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